Iomega Zip Disk Data Transfer

(100MB, 250MB, 750MB)

We transfer your Zip Disk to accessible files on a USB or External Hard Drive.

Intending to compete with the 3.5" Floppy, Iomega released a data format that would dwarf the storage limitations of the market dominant 3.5". Using a proprietary drive, Iomega’s Zip disks would debut with an initial storage capacity of 100MB (equivalent to 70x 3.5” Disks), earning it the classification of “Superfloppy”. Subsequently Iomega would release 250MB, and finally 750MB versions as late as 2002.

Though similar in appearance to its competition, the Iomega disk was thicker, and read from an opening along the top edge of the casing, opposed to the flat surface of the disk face as seen on its predecessors.

While it didn’t replace the 3.5" Floppy, the Zip’s ample storage and access speed, proved a valuable asset in media production environments, and navigation systems. Iomega provided consumers with a relatively simple solution to backing up hard drives, but it’s high cost of entry prevented it from securing a greater market share.


Zip disk data transfer

Zip disk to file
PC & Mac formatted disks


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Digital Solutions

Digital files on:
USB / hard drive / the Cloud
DVD / Blu-rays


How much does it cost?

  • For ALL FORMATS OF DATA we charge a fixed-per unit price.
  • The $/unit rate is specific to the format of DATA; for detailed pricing for all services please see our PRICING
What is the process for transferring data?

  • The data device (ie., disk, card, tape) is physically inspected for any mechanical or age related issues before processing.
  • PLEASE NOTE we have the facility to handle and remediate such issues accordingly.
  • The files are subsequently transferred off the data device and then we perform a series of functions to ensure ALL the data was captured with no corruption.
How is it organized?

  • We physically label ALL individual data devices with your unique Order#_Code (ie., 60561_X).
  • We create a unique digital file folder reflecting the different format types received (ie., 3.5 Floopy, 5.25 Floppy, Memory Card).
  • The digital files associated with the physical data device will be named the same (ie., 60561_3.5 Floppy_1) and saved to it's associated file folder.
How long does it take?

  • Standard turnaround times for most retail client orders is 3 - 4 weeks.
  • Expedited (RUSH) service is available and generally provides for a 1 week turnaround; the RUSH fee a flat $25.00 for Orders under <$100.00 and for Orders over >$100.00 the fee is 25% the value of the Order (ie., $200.00 Order counts a $50.00 RUSH fee).
Where is the work done?

  • All transfer services are performed in-house at our 10,000 sq/ft production facility located in Etobicoke LOCATIONS
  • No 3rd parties, No risks.
What / How do I get back?

  • 1. A unique digital file folder containing the contents of each individual data device provided.
  • ALL the originally provided media is returned.
  • You have the option for the digital files to be returned via:
  • a USB or External Hard Drive that YOU provide at either drop-off or pick-up.
  • a USB or External Hard Drive that WE provide commensurate with your project requirements.
  • our Cloud Service.



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