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We offer a full range of services to convert and digitize your reel-to-reel tapes into digital file or CD format. Call us at 416 479 0903 for a Free Quote.

Reel to Reel is a format of analog audio, recorded directly onto spools of magnetic tape. Unlike many of the later audio formats which come housed in some sort of cartridge or plastic casing, the Open Reel format resembles the old Film Formats, wrapped around an unshielded reel.

The runtime of the Open Reel is dependant on a combination of the amount of linear footage and the speeds used to record the audio. A reduction in recording speed could provide much longer recording time, but it was at the cost of overall quality. Recordings at a lower speed were vulnerable to inaccurate audio pitch and noise (hiss).

The Open Reel was an invention from the late 20s and still finds use today, and despite propagating into several digital variations, the analog format survives in music studios across North America, often intentionally for its degradational fidelity.



WAV, MP3 or other formats
WAV, MP3 or other formats


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Digital solutions

Digital Solutions

Digital files on:
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We have a very rigorous Quality Control process which gives us the confidence to say that we completely stand behind our work and guarantee the results. If there are any issues with the quality or performance of the digital materials created (not having to do with the physical condition of your media) we will reprocess those materials at our expense, no questions / no hassles.

We are committed to ensuring the Privacy and Security of our clients information:

  • All client materials (both physical and digital) are tagged, tracked and stored in a secure location and returned to the client upon completion of the project.
  • All digital files are archived and securely stored offline (LTO-6 Tape Drive) for 14-days post receipt before our deletion protocol is initiated.
  • All services are performed in-house by Digital Treasury Group employees; no 3rd parties, no risks.
  • All Digital Treasury Group employees are required to sign a comprehensive Confidentiality Agreement.
  • We adhere to all aspects of the Canadian federal government's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).



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In 2014 Digital Treasures went fully commercial and became a part of the Digital Treasury Group (DTG). DTG is exclusively focused on being the highest-quality provider of full-suite media conversion and archiving services nationally. We operate under a fully integrated ‘lean’ business model utilizing industry best practices for providing low-cost/high-value digital solutions to the commercial, institutional and retail marketplaces. Our infrastructure has been purpose-built to (1) mitigate all potential risks associated with the handling and processing of a high volume of multiple media formats and (2) ensure the delivery of a best-quality digital solution fit to the client’s specific requirements. Our methodology is based upon 10 years of dedicated media conversion and archiving experience coupled with 15 years of leading-edge corporate experience resulting in the creation of what we know to be the “best in class” provider of these services in Canada.