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Many of us have sat down among friends or family and flipped through the pages of old memories, bound together in a Photo Album. The act of which, in itself, has been perceived as a valued family tradition throughout the last century. Elders could pass along stories and lineage with the added context of photographs, in volumes that could hoped to be shared for generations to come.

It’s not unusual for Photo Albums to contain an eclectic mix of images or articles other than the commonly sized consumer prints, perhaps decorative, resembling something closer to a scrapbook. This is common with photo albums which would allow for the free placement of content against an adhesive page, opposed to the pocketed plastic sheets that are often fitted for specifically sized prints (5 x 7, 8 x 10 etc.).

In today’s world, the concept of a Photo Album still remains relevant though our primary means of viewing these photos has largely changed. Today, many of our photos are often Albumed and viewed on social media platforms or shared through text messages, or e-mails between friends and family.

Our digital society has made it possible to capture accurate imprints of old analog media, not only for sharing across popular websites like Facebook, but to make entire catalogues of family history (photo, video, audio, documents; all content) accessible from any number of digital devices, from a full sized desktop computer, all the way down to smartphone.

This ability to digitize content has solved some of the vulnerabilities inherent to physical media, including a feasible means of lasting accurate preservation, duplication without generational loss (allowing for easy sharing and backing up), and the ability to manipulate without destroying the source.

The idea that you can fit all of your family Photo Albums in your front pocket, and access it at your leisure, anytime, anywhere is a now reality.


Full page album scanning

Each page of the album is scanned as a single image.

Family Grade
After 25% discount
600DPI Scan
JPEG, TIFF or DNG File Output
1 Year Backup of Your Photos
Customized Digital File Structure
Manual Colour & Contrast Corrected
Dust Removal

In-album Photo Scanning

Scanning of images inside of albums individually in situations where the photo can't be safely removed from the album page.

Family Grade
After 25% discount
600DPI Scan
JPEG, TIFF or DNG File Output
1 Year Backup of Your Photos
Customized Digital File Structure
Manual Colour & Contrast Corrected
Dust Removal



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